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With decades serving some of the wealthiest families in America, Castle Island has honed a unique skill set designed to expertly manage the complexities which lead to sustained financial success. See how we can help you secure your wealth for generations to come.


We are a multi-disciplinary asset management and private equity firm built upon the core principles of trust, commitment to excellence, risk management, understanding the value of partnerships and total transparency.

Seeking investment outperformance in today’s global marketplace requires extremely deep diligence across all asset classes, both public and private. We have built our firm on the principle of relentlessly pursuing information and conducting deep research, both inherently essential to delivering measured results.


A Sea of Exclusive Investment Opportunities At Your Fingertips

Our carefully curated, deep relationships within the ultra-high-net-worth community includes top-tier fund managers and a robust pipeline to exclusive, private deal flow and middle market transactions. 


With great personal wealth, there will always be looming threats to your personal and professional welfare, as well as your businesses. Our risk management professionals implement strategies to mitigate those risks at every turn, ensuring the safety and security of your wealth and assets right now, and long into the future. 


A Faithful Steward for your Tailored, Around-The-Clock Needs
Unburden yourself from the worries of planning; whether it be mundane day-to-day trivialities, or the complexities of private international family travel. Our goal is to give you the time and energy to focus on what you consider most important, and leave the details to us.



Strategic Safeguarding of Your Private Wealth

Working with you to build and implement a total budget, we analyze strategic utilization of credit, and by leveraging our credit partners, we can design efficient and attractive structures. We also streamline cash flow management, bill pay, and other logistical details to alleviate your everyday burdens.

Schedule a call today to speak with a founder about how we can secure your wealth, and simplify your life.



A Dependable Manager for Efficient and Effective Charitable Giving

Whether your philanthropic focus lies in succession planning and legacy building, or the desire to advance social change, our offices are prepared to meet your charitable needs while taking advantage of the accompanying tax benefits.


All-Encompassing Solutions to the Complex Tax Planning Landscape

Reducing taxes is instrumental to maximizing and maintaining a robust wealth plan. Regardless of your business plans - whether you plan to sell, or have already sold your business, whether you are planning your next venture, or you are looking to optimize your finances - we offer proven strategies and leadership for your financial success.

We focus on developing a holistic tax strategy - implementing controls to remain with current and future tax code, and preparing and filing tax forms.


Your wealth has served you well, and you want it to continue to serve and secure your family for generations to come. We are experts in designing, drafting, and implementing the most prudent trust utilization. We also offer full CFO services for your family business and a complete suite of corporate and personal Trustee services.

Ensure your legacy by putting your estate planning in the hands of a trusted, experienced partner.



Our exclusive relationship with an established and reliable General Contractor has yielded over a dozen investment projects in the South Florida market on behalf of Castle Island’s principals, and clients. In addition, our alignment with major, national Real Estate Investment Trusts gives you a direct line to new investment opportunities. 


We have an acute specialty in managing real estate holdings - not only in Florida, but throughout the world. These initiatives include maintaining and coordinating professional support on all aspects of residential and commercial holdings.


About Castle Island

With a collective 50 years serving some of the wealthiest families in America, Castle Island has honed a unique skill set designed to expertly manage the complexities which lead to sustained financial success. For the families we serve, we play a central role in each and every financial decision, strategically
facilitating the continued safe and efficient accumulation of wealth. Our holistic mandate is to support all aspects of the process with the dependability of a trusted advisor, and the vigor of a Fortune 500 company.